Final info

Regular ticket wristbands grant access to the full program. Limited club night tickets for OOST and VERA will be available at OOST from 01:00.

Regular wristband pick-up times:

Akerk: 19:30 — 11:00
Forum: 20:30 — 00:00
VERA: 21:00 — 00:00
OOST: 22:00 — 04:00

You can store your belongings at any of the Hybrid locations or at the Stadsgarderobe. Note that wardrobes at Akerk and Forum are free, but not guarded. Keep in mind that VERA, Akerk and Forum close earlier.

Drinks inside, smoking outside.

Treat each other with respect and behave responsibly. Staff and security are at your service, and during club night we'll have floor angels walking around.

Saturday February 24th 2024    

Music festival for possible futures by OOST & VERA.