Location: OOST MainTime: 01:00 - 03:00
Berlin-based DJ and producer JASSS has been called “fearless” in the club circuit for her uncompromising and unexpected sets, and her propensity to play things for people that they don’t yet know they want to hear. Raised in Asturias, JASSS started Djing and has been part of the electronic scene in Spain since her early twenties. She started experimenting with electronic music production by editing field recordings after moving to the Netherlands in 2010. The following year she relocated to Berlin, where she began to actively DJ in the electronic circuit. Over a decade later, her reputation precedes her wherever she appears, in the most exciting manner. It’s a reputation built upon a flawless string of releases, DJ sets, her party Vapor and close ties to iconoclastic queer party Herrensauna.

Queer Haus - JASSS / June 7 / 6pm-7pm

Saturday February 24th 2024    

Music festival for possible futures by OOST & VERA.